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Striving to be the best, Oldfield Tandoori has been serving its dishes to the public since 2005. With quality food and exceptional service as our core values we have been hand selecting the freshest ingredients. Even though the customer service we provide comes naturally to our staff every now-and-again we train them just so it does not drop. If for any reason you have any queries about the service you have recieved please get in touch and we will deal with your query. Please remember every customer is unique to us.

The slection of curries that we provide have been fine tuned and selected through many generations of cooking and expertise being passed down from chef to apprentice. With customers demanding more from the indian takeaway platter chefs are looking more towards their own roots and aquiring regional dishes that they have grown up with. This has helped to create unique personalised regional and traditional dishes we have all come to love and enjoy. Having such talented chefs with over 15 years experience, there is no dish that cannot be made, even if it isnt on the menu!

If for any reason you need to adjust your dish please let us know so that we can prepare it to your requirments.

Just to reassure our customers of our service, we provide a safe and hygienic open-view working area, for preparing our food.

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